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Vinyl replacement windows - top considerations

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When it comes to getting a return on your home improvement investment, replacing your old windows may be one of your best opportunities, especially if your windows are more than 15 years old. Choosing the right windows and finding the right installation company can be a bit exhausting, but it'll pay off in the long run.

If you plan to live in your home for a long time, or want to make sure your home will be in great shape if you plan to sell in the future, there are a lot of factors that you should consider. You don’t want to be stuck with a purchase that you or a future buyer may not be completely happy with.

Matching the style of your home

If aesthetics are important to you, you’re going to want to think about the style of the windows you’ll be putting in your home. Do you want to match an existing contemporary style, or do you want to choose something that will be more in tune with current trends? Is there something about an existing window that has always bothered you? Now’s the time to make it feel right or perform better?

Window styles

New windows allow more light into the home, frames and window dividers are thinner, and picture windows are now available with or without a sash. Grills are available in various patterns, thicknesses, colours and materials and they can even match a more traditionally divided lite window with exterior simulated dividers lites (SDL). There are so many options to beautify your home and make them more in tune with your needs.

Sash vs no sash

Features & options?

New windows come with lots of features and options to choose from. It is important to think about what features matter to you.

Function & environment

Operational windows allow air to flow into the home, but each type does it differently and can affect home comfort and your living space.

Operational windows

Window security

Not all windows are equal and not all hardware is the same. You should compare products, test the locks, knock on the glass and ask about security glass options.

Energy efficiency & in-home comfort

Windows provide light, warmth and ventilation, but they also decrease home energy-efficiency and can affect the comfort in your home. Choosing the right window style and glass option (double-pane, triple-pane, coatings and gas fill options) will help you to find a balance between energy costs and the desired level of home comfort.

Efficiency vs comfort
Climate fighters

Comparative shopping

When buying windows it’s just natural to want to get the best price you can, especially if you are replacing all the windows in your home. Unfortunately, there’s more to shopping for new windows than price. The lowest price may not be the best value. There are lots of things to consider.


You can have the best windows in the world, but if those windows are installed incorrectly, you could be dealing with water damage, heat loss, bug infestations, airflow issues, and a general loss of comfort throughout your home. In many ways, the most important part of buying windows is the warranty.

Many window companies in and around the Ottawa area claim to have the best window warranty in the business. Unfortunately, the warranty language is often vague, misleading or full of fine print that is difficult to interpret. Every window company is different and even companies that sell and install the same product will have differing warranties.

Window warranties

Choosing a qualified installer?

All window replacement companies are very different. It’s a really good idea to get a minimum of 3 quotes. And the quoting system itself will help you understand windows and available options better.

When selecting an installer make sure to:

  • Check company’s reputation (Read the reviews)
  • Consider company stability - how long has it been in operation
  • Do a little extra homework, go to Energy Star and compare competing ratings
  • Ask or check on installer credentals i.e. SAWDAC, Window Wise
  • Ask what if questions i.e. what if rotten wood is discovered in the window frame, who pays for it?
  • Ask if there will be a window removal charge
  • Ask if their installers are full-time or contract employees and if they are paid by the job or by the hour (paid by the hour suggests the installers will take their time and do a thorough job)

Ask your experienced window representative what they think about your window choices, they’ve gone through the process of picking out windows with many of their customers and have seen their rational to produce great final results. Your window expert can help you figure out what works, what doesn’t, and they can advise you on current trends. Make your window representative a part of your process.

If you would like to know more, give us a call or send us a request for more information. We’d be happy to address all of your questions or concerns.