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Trim, capping, cladding, brickmould, flushmount & nail fins

Trim, capping, cladding, brickmold, flushmount & nail fins
Understanding the various ways to finish the exterior of windows and doors is crucial for achieving the desired outcome. This blog entry explores different finishing options and provides visual comparisons to guide you through the selection process.


The frame surrounding a newly installed window is commonly known as trim, capping, or brick mould. Differentiating between these options is essential for achieving the desired framing results.

trim exterior.svg


Capping involves applying framed material along the outer edge of a window where it meets the wall frame. Originally designed to refresh the appearance of ageing wooden window trim, capping is now an integral part of window installation or replacement. Various methods are available for capping, also referred to as cladding. Consulting with a window specialist will help determine the most suitable option for your specific installation.



Brickmould is a window trim finishing option that attaches to the outside of a window, covering the gap between the window frame and the exterior of the home (vinyl siding, brick, stucco, wood, etc.). While offering visual interest and lasting the lifetime of the window, it can increase the overall window cost. Installation challenges arise as brick moulds are larger than the window frame and must be installed from the outside. Discussing your installation needs with a window expert will guide you in choosing the right option.


Flush mount

A flush mount window option is suitable for homes with vinyl J-channel window finishing or windows mounted inside a brick, stone, or other material frame. It often involves a thin outer frame secured by caulking, covering the gap between the vinyl J-channel or brick and the window edge. It's essential to consider colour contrast between the window and caulking for a clean finish. Seek advice from your window sales expert to determine the best option for your installation.

Flush Mount

Nail Fins

Nail fins are semi-flexible strips used to attach a window frame to a stud opening, providing a tight, waterproof fit for vinyl or wood siding. This application is typically used in new construction. Consult with your contractor to determine if nail fins are the right fit for your specific installation.

nail fin


While cladding and capping are technically distinct terms, they are often confused. Cladding involves applying a material over another to strengthen, alter properties, or enhance the aesthetic of a window product. Cladding can be used on various window components, such as PVC (vinyl) windows. For instance, some companies replace vinyl-channelled sills with wood covered in vinyl (vinyl cladding) for its insulating properties and ease of maintenance. Windows can also be produced with cladding options like vinyl cladding (wooden windows with an exterior vinyl outer shell) and aluminium cladding (wooden windows with an exterior aluminium outer shell). Both options enhance durability and longevity while maintaining the desirable appearance of real wood.

vinyl clad sill

Here are some examples of available window sash cladding options.

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