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A practical alternative to a sliding patio door

Swinging Patio Doors, also called French Garden Doors, French Patio Doors, Hinged Patio Doors, and Garden Doors offer a versatile solution for replacing existing sliding patio door configurations. Whether viewing them from the inside, or outside of your home, they provide a timeless aesthetic perfect for those seeking a classic look.

Custom door solutions, knowledgeable helpful staff

Explore our range of Swinging Patio Doors, offering maintenance-free security and customizable options. Choose from various colours, styles, hardware, and door glass to meet your unique needs. Our door experts are here to assist you in finding the perfect garden door.

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Premium craftsmanship - unleashing perfection

Using only premium-quality installation materials, our professional installation teams take pride in ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship in everything they do.

Rest easy with our lifetime limited warranty, covering both labour and materials. If anything falls short of perfection, simply reach out and we'll swiftly rectify it, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Energy Star certified garden doors

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The majority of our Swinging Patio Door offerings are Energy Star approved, reflecting our commitment to energy efficiency. Additionally, numerous glass and door lite suppliers we collaborate with hold Energy Star certifications. Explore further details on our suppliers by visiting the corresponding product line links above.

Residential entrance door features & options

For nearly 30 years, Dimensions Doors has been a pioneer in innovation. Our unparalleled expertise, extensive experience, and dedicated service are available to you through dependable distributors across Eastern Canada.

We manufacture a diverse range of standard products and specialize in crafting custom-made solutions. With state-of-the-art equipment, we can bring your unique ideas to life.

Dimensions Doors has cultivated a robust and dependable team over the years, providing personalized service to better address your needs. This team is the cornerstone of our success!

Standard Features:

  • Prepainted white slabs on all standard-sized wood-frame doors
  • Standard 4"X4" hinges designed to fit the hinge preparation
  • Wood brickmould
  • Brass hinges
  • 1 1/4" wood frame for maximum rigidity
  • 24-gauge hot-dipped, galvanized steel with polyurethane foam insulation for the ultimate in strength and durability

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Dorplex is more than elegance and style. For nearly thirty years, Dorplex has been synonymous with high-quality materials in manufacturing. Whether steel or fibreglass, Dorplex exemplifies quality with pride and passion.

Your entranceway speaks volumes about who you are. Explore endless possibilities with Dorplex and let your creativity shine.

Choose from a wide array of Dorplex decorative glass styles or the timeless simplicity of traditional panelled doors.

Standard Features:

  • Lifetime Bayview Windows Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime Dorplex Product Warranty
  • 24-gauge steel slab - pre-finished to resist rusting
  • Pine finger-jointed wood with no knots
  • Brickmold comes in 1 5/8” and 2 1/8” to meet your measurement requirements.
  • Durable door sweep with 10 fins to prevent cold, wind, and rain infiltration
  • Weatherstripping is inserted into the door post to prevent air infiltration
  • Laminated vinyl cladding systems glued to the wood substrate
  • Premium ball bearing hinges for smooth door movement
  • Slab filled with polyurethane insulation for year-round comfort
  • The lock block is 16 inches to accommodate various hardware
  • Choose from a wide variety of stains and 39 designer options
  • Steel and fibreglass options are available
Dorplex Brochure PDF

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Standard Features:

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Door Build Detail:

  • Inner Strength: Beefy 4.25” stiles on both sides of every MasterGrain door.
  • Material: Stiles made of laminated strand lumber, one of the strongest, straightest, and most stable engineered wood fibre products.
  • Finely Defined Wood Grain: NVD technology for flawless replication of real wood grain on all door system elements.


  • High-Density Foam: All doors are insulated with high-density, CFC-free polyurethane foam (2.2 – 2.5 lb) for efficiency and noise abatement.
  • Energy Efficiency: Foam diminishes energy loss and sound leakage.

Engineered Stiles:

  • True Square-Edge Design: Attractive wood door appearance with easy field trimming.
  • Full-Height Stiles: Engineered stiles run the entire height on both hinge and lock sides for superior rigidity and high resistance to thermal bow.

The Perfect Match, Every Time:

  • Fiberglass Frames: Unsurpassed strength and durability.
  • Simulated Divided Lites: Provide strength and durability, resisting warp or twist under high-temperature variations.
  • Consistency: The full line of door system components matches perfectly, even with stain or coloured paint options.
  • Technology and Materials: The door frame, glass frame, mullion post, astragal, and external grille bars are made with the same technology and materials for a perfect match in any configuration.

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Standard Features:

Here are the features and benefits of the Sentinel Entry Door System by North Star Windows & Doors:

Composite Frame Construction:

  • Durable and weather-resistant composite frame prevents rot, decay, and water absorption.
  • Closed cellular structure and rigid poly-fibre formulation.

Composite Self-Draining Sill:

  • Channels moisture away from the home.
  • Built-in water reservoirs for added protection.
  • High-quality structural composite materials.

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DEL Windows & Doors, a Canadian-owned company with over a century of collective experience in PVC window and insulated steel door manufacturing, serves dealers, architects, lumberyards, and wholesalers in Ontario. Committed to innovative design and quality manufacturing, we prioritize customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

Our Chateau series door system blends cutting-edge technology, quality, and decorative features, boasting uncompromising durability with a proprietary self-draining sill for maintenance-free performance.

Explore the Peninsula Series, offering diverse styles with solid metals and textured glass, creating true works of art. The LoE²-272 glass enhances insulation, saving you money. With customizable options and advanced venting, find the perfect form and function for your home.

Standard Features:

  • Design Advice: Consultation with a designer for choosing configuration, door model, colour, hardware, etc.
  • Design Center: Tool for visualizing chosen products by uploading a photo and configuring entry door options.
  • Inspiration Tools: Various resources to help find a style matching the home's architecture.
  • Steel Doors with various models and Decorative Door glass options.
  • Energy Efficiency: High-performance door with improved comfort, energy efficiency, durability, security, and soundproofing.
  • ENERGY STAR: Products meeting ENERGY STAR program standards in all configurations.
  • Contemporary Style, Classic Style, and Prestige Collection for different architectural preferences.
  • Door glass: A wide range of decorative door glass options for Contemporary and Classic styles.
  • Custom Configurations: Various grill profiles and custom configurations are available.


  • Various models and configurations for steel doors.
  • Decorative Doorglass options with a wide range of designs.
  • Different styles: Contemporary, Classic, and Prestige Collection.
  • Custom Configurations: Grill profiles for customization.

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Standard Features:

  • Streamlined Maintenance - Designed for easy cleaning and minimal upkeep to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Multi-Locking Doors - Perfecting security with three locking points, even force distribution and precise weather seal compression.
  • Enhanced Security with Shoot-Bolt Systems - Additional security through shoot bolts thrown into the head and sill, reinforcing double-door systems.
  • Durable Steel Entry Doors - High-definition embossment on a primed surface, offering security with steel-reinforced frames and a multi-point locking system.
  • Security and Low-Maintenance Finishes - Renowned security with finishes that are easy to maintain, providing a secure and customizable option.
  • Advanced Fibreglass Entry Doors - Elevates entry systems with fibreglass material, combining peace, security, dent resistance, and low maintenance with customizable finishes.
  • Personalized Colour and Design Choices - Technology for virtually any colour or design, offering flexibility to match personal preferences and home aesthetics.
  • Robust Steel-Reinforced Vinyl Welded Frames - Inclusion of steel-reinforced frames for durability and reliability in the structure of entry doors.
  • Enhanced Comfort with Thermal and Sound Features - Integrated thermal and sound-abating features for improved insulation and noise reduction, enhancing overall comfort.

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Door glass inserts - to match your unique taste and style

entrance door side lites galore

Pair our Swinging Patio Doors with a vast selection of glass options from Novatech, Vitre-Art, Verre-Select, Dorplex, and Dimension Doors. Explore standard and customized designs, including stained glass, frosted glass, obscured glass, print on glass, and more.

Visit our door glass supplier partners and find a door glass that matches exactly what you want. Better still, come visit us and our friendly knowledgeable personnel will help you find a perfect fit even faster.


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