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Swinging Patio Doors -
Exploring configurations

Swinging patio door configurations offer a delightful way to blend indoor and outdoor living spaces while maintaining a strong connection with nature. These doors, which can be single swing, double swing, or French doors, provide convenient access and allow an abundance of natural light to flow into the interior.

Swinging patio door configurations offer a delightful fusion of indoor and outdoor living, seamlessly connecting your home to nature. These doors, available in single swing, double swing, or French door styles, serve as elegant gateways to your garden or outdoor space while flooding your interior with natural light.

Swinging patio doors operate on hinges, allowing them to swing inward or outward, or remain stationary to provide access to the outdoors. This flexibility accommodates various spatial constraints and design preferences, ensuring a harmonious addition to any home.

Here are some common swinging patio door configurations:

Single swing doors

A single swing patio door features one operational door and one fixed door, ideal for spaces with limited room or where a single entry point is preferred. The operational door can be centrally or side-hinged, offering versatility in usage. Whether opening inward or outward, single swing doors provide convenient access to your garden oasis.

Single swing doors can open inward or outward, depending on your preference and space availability.

Double swing doors

Double swing patio doors boast two panels that swing open from the centre, meeting in the middle when closed. Hinged on opposite sides, they create a wide opening that invites ample natural light indoors. This classic design choice enhances the aesthetic appeal of garden entrances while facilitating seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

Double swing doors can open inward or outward, depending on your preference and space availability.

French garden doors

French garden doors, characterized by two glass panels that swing open from the centre without a central frame, epitomize elegance and timeless charm. These doors allow uninterrupted views of your outdoor space while infusing your home with sunlight. Considerations for security are essential when selecting locks for French garden doors, ensuring both style and safety are prioritized.

Customization options

Elevate your swinging patio doors by incorporating transoms and side lites. Transoms introduce additional natural light, creating a luminous ambience within your living space. Placed above the swinging patio doors, transoms allow sunlight to infuse your home while adding a touch of architectural flair. Meanwhile, side lites extend the doorway visually, adding a touch of sophistication to your entrance. Customizable options allow you to tailor these features to complement your home's unique design, transforming your garden doors into a stunning focal point.

Outswing doors

Outswing doors open outward, maximizing interior space and offering a seamless transition to the outdoors. They are ideal for areas with limited indoor room. On the other hand, inswing doors swing inward, providing a traditional and inviting entryway where space permits. Decorative glass panels or sidelights can enhance the visual appeal of both outswing and inswing garden doors, further personalizing your outdoor retreat.


In conclusion, swinging patio doors offer a stylish and practical solution to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether it's the classic elegance of French doors, the space-saving efficiency of single swing doors, or the expansive openness of double swing doors, these configurations provide abundant natural light and convenient access to your garden or outdoor area. By considering customization options like transoms and side lites, you can further enhance the beauty and functionality of your swinging patio doors, creating a welcoming transition between your home and nature.

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When choosing a swinging garden door configuration, consider factors such as the available space, traffic flow, desired aesthetics, security features, and practicality. It's important to ensure that the doors are properly installed, fitted with appropriate hardware and weather-sealed to provide durability, security, and energy efficiency.

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