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Sliding Patio Doors -
Exploring options

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Thinking about replacing your patio door or looking to install one in a new home? There are plenty of patio door options to consider – whether it's aesthetics, functionality, security, energy efficiency, or costs. Here are some tips to help you get exactly what you are shopping for.

Blending indoor and outdoor spaces

In the world of modern home design, the art of seamlessly blending indoor living spaces with the natural beauty of the outdoors has become a remarkable and sought-after achievement. At the very core of this architectural harmony lies the invention of sliding patio doors. These versatile and stylish additions have rightfully earned their place as the preferred choice for homeowners who seek both functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from an array of diverse materials such as wood, vinyl, fibreglass, aluminum, and clads, sliding patio doors open up a world of possibilities and offer a wide spectrum of benefits, ultimately transforming living spaces into serene and inviting retreats.

Sliding patio door configurations

Patio Door Configuration

The true versatility of sliding patio doors is magnificently showcased through their ability to cater to a multitude of configurations, ensuring a perfect match for every individual's preferences:

Standard Sizes:

A plethora of standard-sized options, including 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel widths, are readily available from various manufacturers. While these sizes provide practical solutions, it's essential to bear in mind that certain features like blinds and triple glazing might be limited by standard sizing.

Standard window sizes

Custom Sizes:

For those who harbor grander designs beyond the constraints of standard dimensions, the option of custom-sized patio doors is a tempting proposition. However, it's important to note that the luxury of tailored solutions comes at a premium cost.

Sliding Patio Door custim vs adaptive widths

Transom vs. Full Height:

The choice between incorporating a transom above the door or having a full-height door holds significant sway over both aesthetics and functionality. Transoms provide valuable shading, ventilation, and enhanced energy efficiency, while the allure of full-height doors lies in their distinct visual appeal.

patio door transom vs no transom


In a world where security has taken centre stage, modern sliding patio doors are engineered to prioritize safety while preserving an elegant and refined appearance:

Single-point locks:

Standard locks from most manufacturers lock up rather than down (an anti-lift deterrent).

Single-point locks

Kick Locks or Security Bolts:

Manufacturers have ingeniously integrated features such as kick locks or security bolts, which can be standard components or optional add-ons, offering homeowners an added layer of security.

Deadbolt lock


Keylocks can be installed both inside and outside the patio door – check with the manufacturer if you want both.


Multi-Point Locking Systems:

As an advanced security measure, multi-point locking systems engage multiple points along the door frame, resulting in an impressively robust protection barrier.

Multi-point locks

Reinforced Metal Sashes:

To further enhance security, the incorporation of reinforced metal sashes within the door frame adds a substantial boost to the overall structural integrity of the door.

Safety Glass Variants:

The availability of safety glass variants, such as tempered and laminated glass, adds an extra dimension to security measures, fortifying the door against potential break-ins and ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

Weatherproofing and energy efficiency

The contemporary sliding patio door has embraced a commitment to climate resilience and energy efficiency, accomplished through features that can withstand the elements while also conserving energy:

Weatherproofing Innovations:

The incorporation of innovative elements like sloped sills and meticulously engineered weather stripping ensures that the interior environment remains comfortable, even when faced with adverse weather conditions.

Advanced Glass Solutions:

Beyond the confines of standard glass, the options of double or triple glazing and specialized coatings empower homeowners with control over light, temperature, and energy consumption. Some variants even boast enhanced sound insulation properties, creating a cocoon of tranquility within.


The choice of material for sliding patio doors not only influences aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in functionality:


Renowned for its energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and cost-effectiveness, vinyl sliding patio doors offer a practical and economical solution for homeowners.


Boasting exceptional durability and weather resistance, fibreglass doors can mimic the charm of wood while being particularly well-suited for extreme weather conditions.


Characterized by its lightweight nature and durability, aluminum doors find their place in modern designs. Their resistance to corrosion and humidity ensures a long-lasting appeal.


A harmonious fusion of multiple materials results in sliding patio doors that excel in both performance and aesthetic allure, often providing the best of both worlds.


Timeless elegance emanates from wooden sliding patio doors, which also offer the advantage of natural insulation properties. These doors are easily customizable through staining or painting.


Recognized for their strength and security, steel sliding patio doors are particularly fitting for modern or industrial-style homes, exuding a sense of confidence and protection.


Glass sliding patio doors serve as exquisite conduits for natural light, creating seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, thereby establishing a captivating connection.


Not all frames are built the same, and although it may not seem like a big deal, the frame is everything, so it’s got to be strong and well-insulated. Look for a multi-chambered design – it will provide good structural integrity and reduce thermal exchange. Aluminum reinforcement will ensure the frame is strong and does not sag over time.

Glass & mini-blinds

Exploring the realm of glass innovations unlocks a treasure trove of options aimed at elevating the overall sliding door experience:

Glass Solutions:

The availability of glass in various thicknesses, coatings, tints, and glazing opens up a world of possibilities, enabling homeowners to craft the desired ambiance within their living spaces.

Integrated Mini-Blinds:

One of the standout features of modern sliding patio doors is the option to seamlessly embed mini-blinds within the glass panes. This innovation allows for effortless control over light and privacy, enhancing both comfort and convenience.

Grills, hardware, screens, and colour

The realm of customization extends beyond the functional elements of sliding patio doors; it ventures into the realm of aesthetics, allowing homeowners to infuse their unique style into every aspect of the design.

Grills in Different Styles:

Optional grills available in styles such as Colonial and Prairie add a touch of architectural elegance to sliding doors, enhancing the visual appeal of the space while paying homage to classic design elements.

Hardware Elegance:

The selection of handles and locks goes beyond mere functionality; it's an opportunity to align the door's appearance with your preferred locking configuration. Choose from shades of white or black to harmonize with your interior design motif.

Screen Excellence:

Durable screens serve as a bridge between indoor and outdoor living, and their design should reflect your taste. Screens come in various colours and materials, seamlessly blending with your door's aesthetic while ensuring an unobstructed view and protection against insects.

Exterior & Interior Colours:

The play of colour is a fundamental facet of personalization. The exterior colour palette varies with the material. For instance, wooden sliding doors offer a broad spectrum of options, from deep hues to natural wood stains, creating a lasting impression from the outside. Aluminum doors present an array of approximately 30 powder-coated colours, infusing modernity and vibrancy. Vinyl doors, while offering around 8-10 standard colours through vinyl spray or laminate finishes, encapsulate elegance. It's paramount to consider each manufacturer's colour warranties, ensuring that your choice retains its allure over time.

Interior Customization:

While the standard colour for interior sliding patio doors is white, the possibilities for customization are manifold. Many manufacturers provide diverse materials, including wood, simulated wood, vinyl-wrapped wood, or sustainable vinyl, enabling you to tailor the interior appearance according to your preferences. Whether you opt for the warmth of wood, the chic charm of simulated wood, or the sleekness of vinyl, your choice reverberates within your living space.


When shopping around for sliding patio doors, the warranty really does matter. Be sure to compare and read the fine print.

Frame Warranty:

Typically spanning two decades, frame warranties reflect the manufacturers' confidence in the durability of their products, reassuring homeowners of their investment's longevity.

Colour Coverage:

Exterior and interior colour warranties ranging from 15 to 20 years underscore the commitment to maintaining the visual appeal of sliding patio doors over the years.

Hardware & Blinds:

Hardware warranties, often extending up to 5 years, and blind warranties, which can cover up to a decade against seal and mechanical failures, provide a safety net for the moving components of the door.

Labour & Materials:

Some companies offer lifetime labour and materials warranty while others may charge extra for materials and charge by the hour for labour.

Installation, maintenance, smart homes

Professional installation, coupled with maintenance insights and potential integration with smart home systems, adds layers of value to the sliding patio door experience:

Professional Installation:

Enlisting the expertise of professionals ensures the proper installation of sliding patio doors, optimizing functionality and guaranteeing their long-term performance.

Maintenance Insights:

Learning recommended practices for maintaining sliding doors equips homeowners with the knowledge to preserve the doors' performance and appearance over time.

Smart Integration:

Exploring the integration of sliding patio doors with smart home systems enhances convenience and security, allowing homeowners to seamlessly manage their doors through modern technology.

Regulations & environment

Adhering to local regulations and considering the environmental impact of material choices ensures responsible and sustainable home improvement:

Regulations & Codes:

Prioritizing adherence to local regulations and building codes during the installation process ensures that the project is both legally compliant and safe.

Environmental Impact:

Factoring in the environmental impact of materials and production processes allows homeowners to make Eco-conscious choices, contributing to a greener future.


Modern vinyl sliding patio doors have revolutionized the way we enjoy our outdoor spaces, offering unparalleled functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect sliding patio door to suit your needs and complement your home's style, ultimately enhancing your overall living experience.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors

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Sliding patio doors

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