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Vinyl window colour, there is a difference!

Exterior window colours, there is a difference!
If you are considering the purchase of exterior colour vinyl windows, not all window manufacturers use the same process, and there could be a trade-off - broad colour selection vs durability.

Typically vinyl window manufactures use two different processes to add colour to the exterior and interior of their windows, vinyl paint, or vinyl laminate. Both processes produce beautiful results, however:

  • Vinyl paint will allow for more colour options
  • Vinyl laminate offers longer-life and durability

The North Star colour difference

North Star’s AAMA-certified 1000 series is available in white or with exterior and/or interior colour options, but unlike many manufacturers, colour is added with a sophisticated lamination application process. The UV-resistant vinyl overlay has an embossed wood grain texture and colours won’t chip or peel as a paint can. North Star is so confident in their exterior window colour lamination process, that they back it up with a 20-year warranty.

And, to make your windows even more beautiful, North Star offers a screen design that can also be laminated with the same window laminating material, allowing it to be colour matched to the window frame.

Window exteriors are available in 9 exterior laminated colours:

  1. Anthracite Grey
  2. Espresso
  3. Chestnut brown
  4. Sable
  5. Cocoa
  6. Hickory
  7. Sandalwood
  8. Ivory
  9. Midnight Black

As an interior window option, you can enjoy the warmth of an oak or walnut interior finish with NorthStar’s acrylic overlay, virtually indistinguishable from real wood. If matching to pre-existing wood stains or paint colours, use our stain-able/ paint-able overlay with its wood grain texture.

Window interiors are available in 4 colours:

  1. Paintable-Stainable
  2. Light Oak
  3. Kolonial Oak
  4. Walnut