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Canadian Greener Homes Initiatives

The Canada Greener Homes Grant and Canada Greener Homes Loan are initiatives introduced by the Government of Canada to support homeowners in making their homes more energy-efficient and sustainable.We get lots of questions regarding what programs are on, and which ones are not. Read on to see our status summary.

Canada Greener Homes Grant:

(Closed to New Applicants)

The grant aimed to provide financial assistance to homeowners for implementing energy-efficient retrofits in their homes.

  • Existing participants are encouraged to proceed with their retrofits.
  • If you're already participating in Home Efficiency Rebate Plus, R√©noclimat, or Home Energy Assessment programs in Ontario, Quebec, or Nova Scotia, contact your provincial program for more details.

More from the Federal Government website

Canada Greener Homes Loan:


The loan program aimed to provide interest-free financing to help homeowners undertake energy-efficient upgrades in their homes. Get up to $40,000 in an Interest-free loan for your Windows.

  • Offers interest-free financing of up to $40,000 to make homes more energy efficient.
  • Pre-retrofit evaluation is required on or after April 1, 2020.
  • Ensure your application includes all planned retrofits before starting any work.
  • Up to 15% upfront (or 25% for North or off-grid properties) for contractor deposits.
  • Repayment over 10 years, interest-free.

For specific details and eligibility, refer to your provincial program's website. Even though the Canada Greener Homes Grant is closed to new applicants, funding opportunities like the Canada Greener Homes Loan remain open to help reduce energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

More from the Federal Government website

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