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The ultimate window decision: 20 keys to optimal outcomes

Get the best window product, value and price
Buying replacement windows can be a complex process if you want to ensure you are getting the best product, price and value available. There are lots of ways a window company can make the deal they offer you look great! But how do you know if you are actually getting a great deal?

Embarking on the journey of buying replacement windows can be a complex process. To ensure you're not just presented with a seemingly great deal but a genuinely fantastic one, consider these 20 essential tips:

1. Price

  • Always seek at least 3 quotes from different window companies. This not only provides you with a range of options but also helps you understand the market.
  • Request specifications for each window you're looking to replace. By delving into the specifics, you can decipher the subtle differences in quality, services, and warranties offered by each company.
  • Don't shy away from asking for a price match. Many window companies are open to negotiation and may match or beat the price of a competitor.

2. Style of a window

  • When contemplating the style of the window, consider the specific needs of each room in your home. Some styles offer easier cleaning, better ventilation, or space efficiency.
  • Whether you're replacing windows in an existing home or installing new ones for a home under construction, it's essential to align the window style with the room it will adorn.

3. Glass options

  • Explore the advanced world of glazing options for your windows. New glass technologies offer specialized finishes that can significantly enhance your living environment.
  • Tints, coatings, and even etched glass provide solutions for heat and light control, UV protection for furniture, and enhanced privacy. Communicate your concerns and preferences to your window consultant for tailored recommendations.

4. Energy efficiency

  • Configure glass units with double, triple, or even quadruple panes. The greater the number of panes, the higher the insulation potential, reducing the workload on your furnace or air conditioner.
  • Inquire about different gases that can be filled in glass units to affect sun absorption, reflection, or passage into your home. Energy Star-rated windows, as certified by Natural Resources Canada, can make a substantial difference in your home's energy efficiency.

5. Aesthetics

  • While cost is a significant factor in window replacement, compromising on aesthetics may affect your home's curb appeal and overall value.
  • Survey your neighbourhood and consider maintaining a look that blends with other homes on your street. Think about long-term trends and how your choices may impact your home's value if you plan to sell in the future.

6. Comfort

  • Tailor your window choices to each room's purpose. An awning or hung window can improve stuffy rooms, while non-grilled picture windows enhance outside views.
  • Take a little extra time to explore options that can transform every room in your house into a perfect space. Consider privacy needs, and don't hesitate to consult with your window specialist for personalized recommendations.

7. Security

  • Prioritize the security of your home with windows featuring multi-locking mechanisms, dual or triple-pane glass, and safety glass.
  • Special tints can make it challenging for outsiders to see what's happening inside, adding an extra layer of security. Discuss your security concerns with your window consultant for tailored solutions.

8. Not all windows are created equally

  • Physically inspect the available window products before making a purchase. Most companies have showrooms where you can see the products firsthand.
  • Avoid buying a window brand unseen, as this step ensures that the product aligns with your expectations. Visualizing the product can also help you make an informed decision.

9. Performance

  • Compare window performance using Energy Star® ratings provided by Natural Resources Canada. The Energy Star window ratings offer a standardized measure of energy efficiency.
  • Look for companies that transparently publish window specifications in their quotes. Understanding what you're getting ensures an apples-to-apples comparison and helps identify which windows perform best for your specific needs.

10. Maintenance requirements

  • Choose materials like vinyl or aluminium to eliminate the need for regular painting. Today's windows are manufactured to last, and selecting the right materials can contribute to the longevity of your windows.
  • Consider cleaning ease based on the window type. Some windows, like double-hung tilt-in windows, offer easy sash removal for cleaning from inside the home.

11. Scheduling

  • Initiate the window replacement process early, especially if you want custom-sized windows. Custom orders may require more time for production and delivery.
  • Be mindful of weather-related delays and heightened demand during busy seasons. Starting the process early ensures smoother scheduling and installation.

12. Who installs

  • Prefer companies with dedicated full-time installation teams. These teams are likely to adhere to professional standards and certifications.
  • Full-time teams, paid by the hour rather than per project, tend to focus on details. Look for companies that stand by their installation process, providing robust warranty coverage on labour and installation materials.

13. Overhead costs

  • Be cautious of companies with excessive overhead costs. While some overhead costs are inevitable, excessive expenses may get passed on to consumers.
  • Consider what you're paying for—whether it's the product itself or additional overhead costs. Comparing multiple companies can help you make an informed decision about the overall value you're receiving.

14. Years in business

  • Opt for companies with a proven track record and longevity. A company's time in business can be an indicator of its stability and commitment to customer service.
  • Companies investing in customer satisfaction are more likely to stay in business and provide support for warranty issues in the future.

15. Reputation

  • Look for unbiased reviews on platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and Yahoo Reviews. Reputation has a significant influence on consumer decisions.
  • Consider not only how well a company performs but also how effectively they address customer issues. Unbiased review sources provide valuable insights into a company's overall reputation.

16. Hardware

  • Inquire about the materials used in window hardware. Quality hardware ensures long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Better materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, are more resistant to rust, wear, and breakage. Ask about hardware warranties to understand the level of confidence the company has in its products.

17. The laymen customer

  • Educate yourself about the window market. Windows aren't products consumers buy regularly, so understanding the market is crucial for making informed decisions.
  • Visit informative websites, talk to neighbours who have replaced their windows, and ask questions during consultations.

18. Retrofit vs replacement

  • Choose between retrofit and full-frame installation based on your specific needs. Retrofit involves inserting new units into existing frames, while full-frame replaces both the frame and the unit.
  • Full-frame installation ensures that everything, from the frame up, is done correctly, promising a longer life for your new windows. Clarify your preference in quotes to ensure accurate pricing.

19. Experienced window advice

  • Leverage the expertise of your window specialist by asking questions and seeking advice. A seasoned specialist can offer insights based on their extensive experience.
  • While advice is valuable, remember that the best choice for your home is subjective. Stick to your gut feeling and be cautious of pushy sales tactics. A good sales representative will strive to meet your preferences, whether it's a better price, quicker installation, or specialized options.

20. Warranty

  • Scrutinize window warranties offered by replacement and installation companies. Look for comprehensive warranties covering the product, hardware, glass units, and installation, including labour and materials.
  • A robust warranty reflects the company's confidence in its products and services. Ensure all aspects of your concerns are documented in the contract, providing you with peace of mind throughout the process.


In navigating the replacement window landscape, these 20 keys offer a comprehensive guide to securing the best product, value, and price. Each decision point contributes to a well-informed and tailored choice, ensuring your investment stands the test of time and meets your unique requirements.

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