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Window efficiency by window style

Does the style of window you choose really matter when you are trying to maximize the energy efficiency of your home? That's a good question!

Windows are essential for maintaining comfort and energy efficiency in your home. Surprisingly, it's not solely about technology. Exploring various window types unveils the potential of traditional design elements that enhance insulation, reduce energy consumption, and enhance overall comfort.

Uncover the distinctive advantages of each window type and find the ideal match for your home using Bayview Windows' guide on window efficiency by window type.

Is there a difference?

When it comes to maximizing the fight against the weather, different window styles will show differing energy-efficiency performance scores. However, you probably would not notice it on your heating bill, or the level of comfort in your home. The differences from one window type to another are very small.

Historically - vinyl window energy efficiency by window type has been as follows (most efficient to least efficient).

  1. Picture Windows
  2. Casement, Awning & Hopper Windows
  3. Single & Double-hung Windows
  4. Single & Double-slider Windows

Today - The strive for window energy-efficiency equality

Window manufacturers have effectively equalized the playing field for various window styles, challenging the perception that certain types inherently provide superior energy efficiency. The efficiency largely depends on the specific brand. It's worth noting that non-operational picture windows consistently stand out as top performers due to their inherent nature.

Below is a table comparing 3 local Ottawa window installers (they have been listed incognito to avoid bias) that sell 3 different brands of windows. Using the available specs at NRC Canada Windows, each company’s standard line of windows (vinyl, double-glazed, Argon-filled) were compared. Window types are listed in order of their best energy efficiency.

Window type energy efficiency


As you can see each company shows a different order for best ER performing window style - picture windows being the exception.

More information about window energy-efficiency

Making them equal to technology

ER energy efficiency is calculated based on a window's heat gain, heat loss, and insulating factors. Technical adjustments through glazing, coatings, and gas fills can be made to bring a window's overall energy rating closer to that of different window types.

For instance, addressing the efficiency loss in sliders and hung windows, manufacturers provide optional upgrades, such as replacing Argon with Krypton between the panes.

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