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Shaping up your windows - typical custom window shapes

Most window manufacturers offer a plethora of custom window shapes (architectural windows) to replace existing windows or accommodate new home window installations. Check out our window shape diagram.

Although these windows are typically fixed position, some of these window shapes can be made into operational windows. Colour, grill and glass type are usually offered as options on all custom manufactured windows.

  1. Extended half round-shaped window
  2. Extended quarter round-shaped window
  3. Full round-shaped window
  4. Half round-shaped window with optional grill
  5. Quarter round-shaped window with optional grill
  6. Full chord or eyebrow shaped window
  7. Extended ellipse-shaped window
  8. Half chord shaped window
  9. Extended full chord shaped window
  10. Extended half chord shaped window
  11. Octagon shaped window
  12. Extended Octagon shaped window
  13. Peakhead shaped window
  14. Rakehead shaped window
  15. Quadrilateral shaped window
  16. Triangular shaped window
  17. Oval shaped window
  18. Pentagon shaped window
  19. Gothic shaped window
  20. Extended gothic shaped window

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