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Slider window configurations

Horizontal slider windows are one of the more economical styles of operational windows available. They are ideal for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens and are available in four slider configurations to suit your needs.

Slider configurations

Single slider window

image of single slider window

A single slide window has one fixed window and a single sliding window that lifts out for easy window cleaning and screen removal. Single sliders are a perfect basement solution.

Double-tilt slider window

image of double-tilt slider window

Double-tilt slider windows are ideal for large windows and great ventilation is desired. The sashes tilt sideways from the window frame for easy glass cleaning from inside the home.

Double-lift-out slider window

image of double-lift slider window

A solution for almost any room. Featuring a large glass area and recessed finger latches. Both sashes easily lift completely out of the frame for cleaning

Three-lite end vent slider window

 image of three-lite end vent slider window

Easy horizontal movement, three-lite end vent slider windows are ideal for wide openings or when replacing several windows.

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Sliding windows are a great option for your home, when talking to your window consultant, be sure to explain what you are trying to achieve - they’ll provide excellent advice to help you choose a configuration and brand that’s just right for you.

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