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Winter! Give your screens a nice warm little rest

Winter Screen Storage
As winter rolls in again this year, it might be a good time to consider removing your window screens for the cold months ahead. Don’t look over at your neighbours to see what they’ve done. If they're like most, their screens are probably still in. In fact, they are always in!

Why remove your screens?

To extend the performance and longevity of your windows, it’s important to inspect and properly maintain them on a regular basis, checking for potential issues and addressing repair concerns. By removing your screens every winter, you get an opportunity to inspect them twice a year.

1. Outside screens

Hung windows, sliding windows and patio doors have screens that are on the outside of the home. In winter, these screens allow snow to penetrate through the screen and accumulate on the outer frame of the window causing a build-up of snow directly between the screen, window frame and sometimes glass.

Although most outer window frames have drainage pours to allow for water drainage, they often get clogged with dirt and pollen and with changing weather conditions, the snow melts, freezes and expands, potentially causing damage to screen channels, frames and even sills.

2. Indoor screens

Awning and casement windows have screens on the inside of the home. Because these screens are inside your home, they can trap condensation between the screen and the window - this can create a perfect opportunity for mould & mildew to develop.

3. For more light and heat

Removing screens will take away a little bit of outside winter darkness, allowing more light into the home and even increasing a window's solar heat gain coefficient increasing the home’s energy efficiency.

4. Easier cleaning

Snow is dirty and dirty snow leaves baked-on dirt on the screens - removing the screens will prevent any dirt or debris from getting stuck between the screen and window and will make spring cleaning a little easier!

5. Putting your screens to bed for the winter

After removing your screens, If weather permits give both sides of each screen a quick vacuum to remove dust pollen and spider webs. Wash them with mild soap (avoid washing with power washers) rinse and dry with a soft towel. Labelling will take all the guesswork out of the re-screening process in the spring. Be sure to store your window and patio door screens in a safe place where objects will not fall and damage your screens during the winter.

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