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Vinyl Slider Windows

Vinyl slider window

Slider windows are as beautiful as they are practical. Offering a large, unobstructed view. The simple inside the frame gliding window movement maximises the space inside and outside of your home. Great solution when taking into consideration outside decks or staircases.

Whether you’re replacing existing windows, or building a new home, our North Star and Del slider windows are custom-sized to maximise energy efficiency and comfort.

Slider windows are available in four slider styles to accommodate different requirements:

Single Slider Window

Single Slider Window

This style has one fixed non-operating glass that is glazed directly into the frame. A single operating slider lifts out for easy window cleaning and screen removal. Single slider windows are a great basement solution.

Double Tilt Slider Window

Double Tilt Slider Window

Practical and easy to operate, this style is an ideal solution for large window areas and when maximum airflow and an unobstructed view is desired. Sashes tilt sideways from the window frame as an effective solution to second floor window cleaning from inside the home.

Double Lift Out Slider Window

Double Lift Slider Window

A solution for almost any room. Featuring a large glass area and recessed finger latches. Both sashes easily lift completely out of the frame for cleaning

Three-Lite End Vent Slider Window

Three-Lite End Vent Slider Window

Easy horizontal movement, three-lite end vent slider windows are ideal for wide openings or when replacing several windows.

Features & Options:

North Star - Slider Windows

Secure, easy cleaning, easy screen removal

North Star's horizontal and vertical vinyl or aluminum clad slider windows operate with finger-tip ease and are a perfect fit for larger openings or in places that are difficult to reach.

North Star's innovative self-locking system ensures that when you close your window, it automatically locks the second the window shuts.

Cleaning is safe and simple with sliding window sashes that easily swing open providing access to both sides of the window glass from inside your home. And durable pull tabs take the struggle out of removing or installing window screens.

Standard Features:

  • North Star Lifetime Warranty
  • Energy Star Approved - North Star slider window ratings
  • Double glazed sealed unit with SuperSpacer® warm edge technology
  • Energy Advantage Low E glass technology
  • Triple weatherstripping
  • Fusion welded sashes and frames
  • Recessed finger latches
  • Cam lock(s)
  • Single sliding lift out sash (single slider)
  • Double sliding lift out sashs (double slider)
  • Standard 1/2" screen with integrated corner pull tabs
  • Available in Series 1000, 4000/5000 and 4000/5000 hybrid (note: not all slider types are available with 4000/5000 series.)

North Star Window Options:

North Star window hardware North Star window colours North Star window glass types North Star window grill types North Star window series types

Del - Slider Windows

Durability, Great Value

Our Del Bayview line of slider windows offer a truly innovative design and are available in 3 configurations: *single slider drop tilt, **double slider tilt and double slider lift out.

Standard Features:

  • Del Lifetime Warranty
  • Energy Star Approved - Del picture window ratings
  • 3-1/4″ welded frame
  • Precision mitred welded corners
  • Easy cleaning tilt-in sashes
  • Recessed finger tilt latches
  • Constant force sash balances
  • Multiple drainage chambers
  • Quadruple weather seal
  • Heavy duty overlap screen, spring loaded
  • Interior glazed
  • Glazing tape creates a bonded seal between the double pane glass and PVC frame
  • Cardinal Glass “Endur IG” spacer technology
  • Standard Low-E glass and argon gas
  • Modular construction
  • Heavy duty cam lock and keeper
  • *Equal glass/**equal sash with exclusive ‘J’ flap
  • *Easy glide *tandem rollers **operating shoes

Del Window Options:

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