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Infographic - ENERGY STAR labels & specifications

Intro image for infographic about reading energy ratings
In Canada window certified energy-efficient windows start with ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR-certified windows meet or exceed high-efficiency standards and are in the top 15 to 30 percent of their class for energy performance. Temporary ENERGY STAR Certification labels are always affixed to certified products and contain various ratings to help suppliers and consumers know what they are purchasing or installing.

But to the average consumer these labels can be a whole bunch of information overload. Our infographic is an attempt at cutting to the chase to provide some basic definitions and information to help you understand what you are seeing.

What are Canadian Energy Climate Star zones?

What are window ratings

Balancing energy costs and comfort level

What is a U-factor (U-value)?

What are Energy Star energy ratings?

What is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

Are some windows styles more energy-efficient than others?

What is an R-value? Where is it used?

Window condensation can happen any time of the year

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