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Garden Doors - Exploring configurations

Swinging garden door configurations offer a delightful way to blend indoor and outdoor living spaces while maintaining a strong connection with nature. These doors, which can be single swing, double swing, or French doors, provide convenient access and allow an abundance of natural light to flow into the interior.

Swinging garden door configurations refer to doors that open or swing on hinges. These doors typically consist of a single panel or double panels that swing inward, outward or are stationary to provide access to the garden or outdoor area.

With the ability to swing inward or outward, garden doors effortlessly merge indoor and outdoor environments, creating a seamless transition that brings the beauty of the garden right to your doorstep. Swinging garden doors come in various styles to suit different architectural preferences, ensuring a harmonious and stylish addition to your home.

Here are some common swinging garden door configurations:

Single swing doors

A garden door with one operational door, and one fixed door is typically called a single swing garden door. Single swing garden doors are often used when there is limited space or a single entry point is desired. The operational door can be attached from either the centre or the side of the door frame. Images below show doors from outside the home opening inward.

Single swing doors can open inward or outward, depending on your preference and space availability.

Double swing doors

Double swing doors consist of two door panels that swing open from the centre. They are hinged on opposite sides and meet in the middle (to a central frame or solid panel that extends from the floor to the top of the door frame) when closed. Double swing doors are a classic and elegant choice for garden entrances, offering a wide opening and allowing ample natural light into the space. Images show doors from outside the home opening inward.

Double swing doors can open inward or outward, depending on your preference and space availability.

French garden doors

A French garden door (French patio door) is an exterior door that typically consists of two panels of glass (without a central frame or solid panel extending from the floor to the top) that swing open from the centre. They are known for their elegant and classic design, allowing natural light to pass through and providing easy access between indoor and outdoor spaces.

It's important to think about your specific security needs when considering a French garden door to determine the most suitable lock. Our door specialist can provide guidance on the available options, compatibility with your doors, and proper installation techniques to ensure optimal security.

Add a transom and sidelites

Transform your garden doors into a luminous sanctuary by incorporating transoms that let natural light infuse your living space with a vibrant atmosphere and sidelites that add a touch of sophistication while visually extending the doorway, making your entrance appear grand and spacious. Embrace the opportunity to customize the transoms and sidelites to seamlessly blend with your home's design, ensuring your garden doors become a stunning focal point that exudes elegance and charm.

Outswing doors

Outswing doors are swing doors that open outward, away from the building. These doors are often used when space is limited indoors, as they do not take up interior space when opening. Outswing garden doors provide a seamless transition to the outdoor area and can be combined with sidelights or transoms for additional light and aesthetics.

Inswing doors

Inswing doors swing inward, towards the interior of the building. They are commonly used for garden entrances where space is not a constraint. Inswing garden doors offer a traditional and inviting look, and they can be designed with decorative glass panels or sidelights to enhance the visual appeal.

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When choosing a swinging garden door configuration, consider factors such as the available space, traffic flow, desired aesthetics, security features, and practicality. It's important to ensure that the doors are properly installed, fitted with appropriate hardware and weather-sealed to provide durability, security, and energy efficiency.

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