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Winter humidity and temperature guidelines

Image of optimal thermo-hygrometer reading
As the winter chill settles in Ottawa, maintaining a cosy and healthy indoor environment becomes paramount. Your home's temperature and relative humidity are not just matters of personal preference; they play crucial roles in both your well-being and the integrity of your living space.

Temperature and humidity harmony

To ensure optimal comfort, experts recommend::

  • Keeping the relative humidity level in your home between 25% to 40%
  • Maintaining in-home temperatures between 18°C to 24°C

Daily dynamics in a busy home

It's crucial to recognize that humidity levels can vary throughout the day, influenced by indoor activities and outdoor temperatures. Routine tasks like cooking, cleaning, bathing, and even breathing can elevate moisture levels in the air.

High humidity can lead to detrimental consequences such as condensation on windows, mould growth, musty odours, allergic reactions, and damage to walls and interior finishes. Conversely, low humidity levels, especially in winter, may result in breathing difficulties, a sore throat, static electricity, and dry skin.

Striking the right balance

Achieving the perfect equilibrium between humidity and temperature can be challenging, especially in older homes with potentially less effective insulation and sealing.

Mindful management

Be attentive to indoor activities, and adjust your thermostat and humidifier settings accordingly if you have one. This proactive approach ensures a comfortable and healthy indoor environment throughout the winter months in Ottawa.

Remember, your home's atmosphere is a delicate interplay of factors, and by staying mindful of these details, you can create a space that not only feels welcoming but also promotes your well-being during the colder months.

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