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Will new windows solve your condensation problems?

If you've taken the recommended steps to reduce the humidity in your home and continue to experience condensation problems, other problems may exist.

Lots of things contribute to condensation

Check for loose or vacant caulking around windows, improper window installation, failing or vacant insulation, window frame damage or very poor window efficiency. Inspect your windows both externally and internally.

Condensation can be an issue, even with new windows, however, window technology has progressed dramatically over the last 20 years offering many solutions to help combat and minimize condensation issues around the window.

What do window installers/manufacturers do to minimize condensation?

Window manufacturers use several techniques to increase the condensation resistance (decrease condensation) on your windows :

  • Convection-limiting inert gasses sealed between window panes
  • Triple glaze glass options
  • Low-emissivity coatings to increase the temperature of the glass
  • Insulating spacers in between glass panes that reduce heat conduction
  • Non-conducting sashes and frames
  • A standard CR-value measures window effectiveness in condensation resistance

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