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What causes window condensation?

Winter in Ontario can bring some beautiful sights, but not when it comes to the condensation and ice that forms on your windows. This visible problem can be uncomfortable and even harmful to your home's energy efficiency. Discover the causes behind this common issue and how you can prevent it with our expert advice.

When it comes to condensation, the temperature and humidity levels in your home versus the great outdoors play a starring role. This visible problem can be a fleeting issue during a cold snap or more persistent in areas like the bathroom or kitchen where humidity runs high.

The battle against window condensation

It's no secret that condensation can be a pesky problem for homeowners. But what causes it? Essentially, it happens when the warm, moist air inside your home meets a cold surface like your windows. As the air cools down, the moisture in the air transforms into droplets of liquid. And when the temperature difference between the inside and outside is particularly extreme, the condensation can become downright excessive. This can lead to puddles on your windows, frames, sills, and even your walls and floors.

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