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How to prevent condensation problems

Three steps that you can take to try prevent condensation issues from occurring in your home.

It's not always your window's fault.
  1. Monitor and adjust generated humidity levels in your home to recommended levels
  2. Promote good air circulation in your home by opening blinds and drapes and directing heat towards walls and windows
  3. Promote good ventilation in your home by using bathroom fans, ensuring dryer vent hoods are sealed and unobstructed. Occasionally open two windows at opposite sides of the house for a couple of hours

Condensation Prevention Factors:

  1. *Energy-efficient windows are less likely to have condensation
  2. Installation of the window frame as close as possible to the interior finish
  3. Insulation of the space between the window frame and the opening around the perimeter of the window
  4. The seal between frame and opening on the exterior and interior
  5. Ensure window treatments do not inhibit or impede the movement of air at the surface of the window
  6. Make sure basement is well-drained and protected against excessive moisture
  7. Ensure crawl spaces are covered with 0.15mm (6 mil) polyethylene
  8. Avoid drying firewood in the house
  9. Avoid hanging laundry inside the home

*Best of combined ratings will ensure maximum energy-efficiency

  • look for highest CR-value
  • look for lowest U-value
  • look for highest R-value

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