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North Star Windows - Free Exterior Colour Event!!!

Free North Star Exterior Colour
Thinking about changing your exterior window colour? Your timing couldn’t be better. Now until April 30th, get free exterior colour when you purchase any style of North Star® window.

Spring is here, and so is the North Star Windows free exterior colour event on all North Star windows and patio doors. North Star’s colour windows are different, the colour is laminated onto the vinyl surface rather than painted, and the finish is guaranteed for 20 years.

North Star Windows uses a sophisticated application process that prevents our colours from chipping or peeling.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-layered film is applied to vinyl using polyurethane reactive hot melt to create a permanent bond between wrap and vinyl
  • Extremely resistant to scratches and abrasions
  • Unaffected by environmental pollutants
  • Performs well in sea-side applications
  • Dirt and grime are easily cleaned away using normal mild household cleaners

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Exterior window colours, there is a difference!

North Star Windows are available in 9 exterior colours.

Our process prevents colours from chipping or peeling.

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We can help deliver a product that will literally change your home's personality. We offer a wide selection of windows and doors that exceed the new Canadian (January 1, 2020) ENERGY STAR” standards and “the current year’s ENERGY STAR Most Efficient Windows” for the Energy Star Program and can ensure that you find the perfect product for your vision.

If you would like to know more about window & door colours, give us a call, request more information via our contact form, or come visit our showroom, - we’d love to help you find a perfect window or door solution!

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