Casement Windows - Pros & Cons

Casement Windows - Pros & Cons
Casement windows are becoming one of the most popular styles of a window that you can buy. They are traditional, stylish, easy-to-use and available in so many options, but are they right window for you?

Awning Windows - Pros & Cons

Awning Windows - Are they right for you?
Awning windows are the perfect choice for horizontal and vertical orientations. They are conventional and stylish, and there are lots of aesthetic and energy-saving options available, but are they the right window for you?

Hung Windows - Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of double-hung windows
Hung windows are the most popular style of window that you can buy. They are traditional, stylish, easy-to-clean and available in so many options, but are they right window for you?

What's to know about Bay and Bow Windows

Bay vs Bow Windows
Beautiful inside and out, bay and bow windows add character, make a dramatic statement to the exterior and interior of a home, and increase curb appeal.

What's to know about window jambs?

Window Jam
Over the last 75 years or so, traditional wooden windows have been evolving in many directions including technology, materials, parts and even component names. The window jamb is still the backbone of a window but there are other related components that make a window more customizable and efficient. This article will help you understand what a jamb, jamb liner and jamb extension are, and how today’s replacement windows have become more adaptive.

Waterproofing your windows starts with the flashing

window flashing
Most window leaks are a result of incorrect flashing installation. New window installations and replacements should take this into consideration.

Crystal Clear Living: The Magic of Self-Cleaning Windows Unveiled

Dirty windows can have a profoundly negative effect on your mood, and your outlook. Everything's so much more invigorating through clean windows! And it doesn't have to be a chore to keep them that way!

Sound choices for windows

Sound Proofing Windows
In today's urban landscape, marked by inner-city land shortages and escalating costs, homes are cropping up in close proximity to one another, even in areas deemed undesirable just a decade ago. The consequence? Denser urban living, heightened traffic, increased construction, and an incessant barrage of noise that can truly test one's sanity.

Make your basement safe and more comfortable

Basement windows
Basement windows are frequently the last to be considered when contemplating replacement windows. Today's query revolves around whether basement windows can indeed enhance the air quality and overall comfort in your home.

Weatherstripping (windows), sealing the deal!

Weatherstripping: It seals out the elements, saves energy, reduces drafts, blocks noise, and enhances home comfort. A small but mighty detail that makes a world of difference.

Try our colour window imagination tool

Sample from our colour options tool

Sometimes it takes a little more than a colour swab to spark the imagination.

Sliding Patio Doors vs
Swinging Patio Doors

Pros and cons of Sliding doors vs Garden doors
When considering the selection between swinging patio doors (also referred to as garden doors, swinging patio doors, or swinging garden patio doors) and sliding patio doors, it becomes a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option can significantly influence your decision-making process.

Sliding Patio Doors -
Adding value

image of a sliding patio door from a bedroom
When selling your home, don't miss out on the power of upgrading! Swap out those tired old sliding patio doors for brand-new ones. This strategic home improvement move doesn't just boost your property's value – it redefines it.

Swinging Patio Doors - Adding value

outside view of swinging patio doors from an outdoor dinning area
There's something magical about the way a well-kept garden can breathe life and tranquility into your home. The vibrant colors of blooming flowers, the soothing rustle of leaves in the breeze, and the melodious chirping of birds—all these elements contribute to the beauty of your outdoor space. But have you ever considered how garden patio doors can enhance your connection to this natural paradise?

Sliding Patio Doors -
Mulling over

image of deck with three sliding patio doors going into home
Sliding patio doors, also known as sliding glass doors or patio sliders, are a popular feature in many homes and provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some key basic considerations to think about when buying a sliding patio door.