Bayview Glossary

Divided lites

Separately framed pieces or panes of glass. A double-hung window, for instance, often has several lites divided by muntins in each sash. These designs are often referred to as six-over-six, eight-over-one, etc., to indicate the number of lites in each sash. Designs simulating the appearance of separately framed panes of glass are often referred to as SDLs or simulated divided lites. Designs using actual separate pieces of glass are sometimes referred to as TDLs or true divided lites.

Door lites

These are the glass inserts that go into the door or sidelights. They come in different sizes and styles.

Door Sidelites

These are glass lites attached to the sides of a door frame to give the door unit a wider look.

Door Skin

A single sheet of material used as the face of a door.

Door Slab

A complete door panel that has not been assembled into a frame.

Door sweep

The bottom weather stripping on the door slab.


An insulating often decorative glass unit that appears in the middle portion or slab of a door. Doorlites can be installed in the upper, middle to upper or lower to upper section of a door. Stained Glass, etched glass, frosted glass, tinted glass, the options are unlimited.



A dormer is a roofed space which protrudes from a roof. It will typically include one or more windows.

Double Glazing

Use of two panes of glass in a window to increase energy efficiency and provide other performance benefits. May or may not refer to an insulating glass unit.

Double-hung Window

Double-hung Window

A window with two vertical operating sashes that slide up and down. They are easy to clean and require little effort to open and close and provide great air circulation from top and bottom. Read more about double-hung windows.