Doors Glossary

The frame of the door, side jambs and head jambs, where the hinges are mounted to. Made of wood and covered in vinyl or aluminum.

The bottom side of the door frame where the door slab meets the threshold. It is covered in heavy duty extruded aluminum.

The exterior moulding around the door, made of wood and covered in vinyl or aluminum.

The door, usually made of steel. Fibreglass slabs are also available./p>

Door Sweep
The bottom weather stripping on the door slab.

Door Lites
These are the glass inserts that go into the door or sidelights. They come in different sizes and styles.

These are glass lites attached to the sides of a door frame to give the door unit a wider look.

The glass above the door, in it’s own jamb. The glass can match the door glass as well.

The term for covering the jamb and brick mould in vinyl or aluminum.

A 3-point locking system that comes installed in the door slab from the manufacturer.