Ottawa Winter Window & Door Installation

Yes, we install and repair windows all year round, even in winter!

winter window and door installation

4-Season installation

We service and install windows and doors in all kinds of crazy Ottawa area weather conditions. Intense humidity and heat or a Siberian freeze, we'll take care of all your concerns, your property, and your window or door needs in the best way possible.

Backed by our lifetime labour & materials warranty and supported by Window Wise and Sardac training for our installation teams, you can rest easy knowing that your windows or door have been installed correctly and that if there are any problems down the road, we'll look after them, no-charge.

If you are interested in installing your windows in the winter and have any questions about the installation procedure, please give us a call!

Winter window installation:

Much quicker than you would probably think! Our precise custom sizing and fitting ensures that every window and door removal and replacement will be done quickly to minimize heat loss.

Once an old window has been removed, and the new one accurately positioned, it is quickly insulated and sealed with an industrial strength rubber-based caulking that will cure quickly in almost any weather condition. The bulk of the installation time is taken up by the interior and exterior detailing and finishing.

And when we're finished installing, you can be assured that everything will be left clean and tidy inside and outside your home. In the spring, when the warmer weather permits a thorough inspection, have a look and call us if you have any concerns and we'll be out to address them and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Winter door installation:

While entrance or patio door installation is a little more complex than window installation due to fine adjustment requirements. Our experienced expert installers work through the installation process quickly, always limiting the home's exposure to the winter elements.

For more complex entrances, where heat loss may be a concern, we'll construct a noninvasive temporary internal or external barrier to minimize heat loss.

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