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e-book - The ULTIMATE Window Cleaning Guide

Window cleaning might not seem challenging, but achieving optimal results requires precision. For the best outcomes on your next window cleaning task, explore our 9-page ULTIMATE window cleaning guide.

Infographic - ENERGY STAR labels & specifications

Intro image for infographic about reading energy ratings
In Canada window certified energy-efficient windows start with ENERGY STAR certification. ENERGY STAR-certified windows meet or exceed high-efficiency standards and are in the top 15 to 30 percent of their class for energy performance. Temporary ENERGY STAR Certification labels are always affixed to certified products and contain various ratings to help suppliers and consumers know what they are purchasing or installing.

Infographic - Making windows energy-efficient

Windows are an important consideration in the passive solar management of a home, potentially providing free heating, free cooling, and free lighting. Window manufacturers and installers strive to offer energy-efficient window solutions that will help you save on energy costs. This infographic explains 10 areas that manufacturers and installers focus on to make windows more energy efficient.

Infographic - What's there to know about windows

What's to know about windows infographic
If you’re in the market for new windows, this infographic covers some of the basics that might help you maximize your choices, increase home comfort, and get you a bigger bang for your dollar.

Infographic - Window installation - DIY vs Professional

If you are going to have windows installed by a window replacement company, you can expect to pay anywhere from 20% to 50% of the window cost just to install the windows. I know what you are thinking "Wow! I can save a lot of money if I do it myself".

e-book - Almost everything to know about windows

Everything you need to know about windows guide
Considering replacement windows? Cut through the complexity with our "Almost everything you need to know about windows" Guide in PDF format. Download now for 32 pages of information, diagrams, and advice to help you make an informed decision quickly.

e-book - Almost everything to know about exterior doors

With so many door options to choose from, buying an external residential door can be quite overwhelming - Our booklet "Almost everything you need to know about exterior doors" will help you get started with some of the more important information you'll need to think about.

Infographic - What’s to know about
Window Glass

With the right glass option, you can significantly increase the comfort, security, and functionality of your home, as well as decrease your heating and cooling costs.

Infographic - The Protective Properties of Window Glass

Infographic - There's a lot more to glass than meets the eye
Unfortunately, the average window buyer will often overlook the potential benefits of glass options - after all, glass is just glass right?

Infographic - What’s to know about Condensation

One of the peskiest visible household maintenance issues homeowners face during the winter months in the Ottawa area is condensation on windows. Although condensation on windows can occur any time of the year under the right conditions, we typically only notice it when it is really cold outside.

Infographic - What's to know about
window styles

Intro image for infographic on window styles
When we talk about window style, we are referring to the operable style of the window (how it operates - casement, awning, hung...), as opposed to the aesthetic style (look - Colonial, Victorian, modern...), or the window type (material - vinyl, wood, clad, Aluminum ...).

Debunking 31 myths about window cleaning

Debunking 31 myths about window cleaning - for a brighter home
Sparkling clean windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home, but they also allow natural light in, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. Unfortunately in the world of window cleaning, there are plenty of misconceptions that can inhibit the effectiveness of your cleaning, or even damage the window glass or sash.

The ABCs of window cleaning - Do's and Don'ts

Window cleaning tips
There's a right and wrong way to do everything, even when cleaning vinyl windows. Here are a few not-so-obvious tips that could help make your window cleaning safer, more efficient and even easier.

Diagram - Diagram - Window interior

Anatomy of a window - interior view
Have you ever stopped to think about how intricate a seemingly simple object like a window can actually be? It's easy to take for granted, but once you start breaking down its individual components, you realize that a window is actually a complex and fascinating amalgamation of various what-cha-ma-call-its and thing-a-ma-jigs. In fact, it can be so complex that it's almost impossible to explain to someone else without getting lost in the details.

Diagram - Diagram - Window exterior

anatomy of and exterior window.
When looking at the exterior of a window, there are more parts than anyone would care to remember, and to make things confusing, there are multiple terms that can be used to describe the same components. Our "anatomy of an exterior window" diagram labels the most common terms.