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Typical custom window shapes

Most window manufacturers offer a plethora of custom window shapes (architectural windows) to replace existing windows or accommodate new home window installations. Check out our window shape diagram.
  1. Extended half-round-shaped window
  2. Extended quarter round-shaped window
  3. Full round-shaped window
  4. Half round-shaped window with optional grill
  5. Quarter round-shaped window with optional grill
  6. Full chord or eyebrow-shaped window
  7. Extended ellipse-shaped window
  8. Half-chord-shaped window
  9. Extended full chord-shaped window
  10. Extended half-chord-shaped window
  11. Octagon shaped window
  12. Extended Octagon shaped window
  13. Peakhead shaped window
  14. Rakehead shaped window
  15. Quadrilateral shaped window
  16. Triangular shaped window
  17. Oval shaped window
  18. Pentagon shaped window
  19. Gothic shaped window
  20. Extended gothic-shaped window

Experience the transformative power of custom-shaped windows. Our windows go beyond functionality, becoming captivating works of art that infuse life and character into any space. Whether it's a circular window offering glimpses into another dimension or a majestic arched window bathing the room in golden sunlight, our designs enchant both the interior and exterior of buildings. The possibilities don't end with shape alone; we offer a range of options to tailor each window to your unique vision. From a spectrum of vibrant or subtle colours to intricate grill patterns that weave stories within the frames, every detail reflects your personality and style. Our diverse glass types create captivating interplays of transparency, reflection, and texture, from delicate frosted glass to mesmerizing textured glass. With our exceptional windows, you can transform your space into a statement of artistry and functionality, inviting inspiration and awe.

At Bayview Windows, we understand the profound impact windows can have on a space. That's why each window is meticulously crafted each with a fusion of craftsmanship and innovation. Discover the possibilities of custom-shaped windows that harmonize seamlessly with any architectural style or interior design theme. Let our windows become a testament to your creativity and an embodiment of extraordinary art.

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Discover a world of extraordinary windows at Bayview Windows. Our available custom-shaped creations blend artistry and functionality, bringing enchantment to any space. From captivating shapes to a wide range of colours, grills, and glass options, we turn imagination into reality. Contact us for more information and embark on a journey of exceptional window design.

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