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Does professional window installation really matter?

This is definitely the era of the do-it-yourselfers. With online videos, tutorials and step-by-step installations that guide you every step of the way, it's hard not to think about taking tools into your own hands. After all, in theory, how hard can it be?

That said, why on earth would you pay a professional to install your windows or doors? Three very good reasons are “NO RISK”, “NO PAIN” and “GUARANTEED RESULTS”. Take a look at a few reasons why you might want to get a pro to do that window/door installation for you.

Hard times for the do-it-yourselfer

Whether you are installing a completely new window/door or replacing an existing window/door. The concept of window/door installation sounds simple enough. As long as you get it in there and it’s square, what could go wrong?

  • Improper measurements and orders may require adaptive procedures that cause underperformance
  • If you break, smash, or scratch the window/door, there’s no undo button
  • Improper insulation could defeat the desired energy efficiency
  • Inaccurate measurements, improper sealing, or poor insulation can lead to drafty windows, air leaks, or water damage
  • Wrong or inferior materials could cause post-installation defects that can lead to cracked joints, cracked panes, and related issues
  • Window installation can be time-consuming and physically demanding, especially for larger or more complex projects
  • Improper installation could lead to exposure to the elements, insects, and rodents
  • It may take longer than you would expect. How much is your time worth?
  • Some window/door manufacturers stipulate the warranty will be void if not installed by a qualified professional installer
  • If you make a mistake during the installation, it could void the manufacturer's warranty on the windows
  • And just when you think you are finally done, you still have to dispose of the old windows/door

Eliminating the risk

Whether it’s one window/door, or a whole house of windows/doors if your windows/doors are professionally installed. There’s no risk, the installer is responsible for everything, and you are the boss, so if something doesn’t look right and you think you could do better, it must be fixed to your satisfaction.

  • If the order is wrong (sometimes it happens), the installer must remedy it
  • If it’s dropped, scratched, or broken during installation, the installer must replace it
  • If there’s a flaw that shows up post-installation (within the warranty period), the installer must repair it
  • Look for companies that provide the best warranties on installation, installation labour, and materials
  • Even better look for lifetime warranties on installation, installation labour, and materials
  • In most cases, you are ensuring the manufacturer’s warranty with a professional installation

Eliminating the pain

  • Imagine trying to install windows/doors on the second story of your home. Professional installers use the proper tools, wear the proper gear, take the necessary safety precautions, and are trained in proper procedures for heavy lifting and working at heights
  • Professionals probably do hit a thumb or skin a knuckle on the rare occasion, after all, no one is perfect. Not to be facetious, but better-them-than-you, right?

Professional window/door installer results

  • Experience makes a difference: Professionals have the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to install windows correctly and efficiently
  • Quality Workmanship: Professional installations often result in a higher level of craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Time Savings: Hiring professionals can save you time, as they can complete the installation more quickly than most DIYers
  • Warranty Coverage: Reputable window installation companies typically provide warranties on their work, ensuring protection against installation-related issues
  • Professionals can alert you to options and solutions that will maximize your comfort and satisfaction with the final results
  • Professionals know how to measure properly
  • Professionals know how to make the correct order
  • Professionals are familiar with potential pitfalls

Waste removal

Professional installers are usually contracted for the whole installation process which means they are responsible for the disposal of old unwanted windows/doors. They will also remove all the construction waste as well.

Warranty protection

Professionally installed windows/doors carry a much better warranty than that of a do-it-yourself installation. In fact, some window/door warranties actually stipulate that the warranty could be null & void if not installed by professional installers.

Video - Typical door installation

Video - Typical window installation

Infographic - Window installation - What to expect

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