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It's always nice when someone else toots our horn!

Bayview Windows is not about making a fast buck. We are not about trying to rush our installations as quickly as possible so that they can move on to the next job (we pay by the hour, not by the job). We are not about trying to monopolise the Ottawa window industry, and we are not about compromising quality for profit. So what are we about? One of our customers says it best!

Here's what one of our customers had to say.

Thank you Rob,

I apologize for the rather lengthy email. I wanted to share with you that the crew, and in particular Justin and Michel, did an awesome job last week with the 18 windows + 1 patio door that they installed at our place. I would also like to share a few more positive comments.

Last fall, my wife and I picked your company out of three companies selling North Star windows. Two or three reasons motivated our decision and I’d like to share them with you.


First, I read many excellent reviews online. Now that my windows have been installed, I can say that I share a similar view. My wife and I are very picky when it comes to finishing as we do a lot of work ourselves around the house (flooring, electricity, plumbing, trims, wainscoting, plastering, painting, natural stones, ceramic, etc.). We've even installed a few windows ourselves in our previous home, but this was just too big of a job.

Quality & Knowledge

Let me start by saying that Justin's trim work was awesome! But there’s more. Last Monday, before Justin started, we asked him if he could turn the bottom trim upside down (with the ends cut at an angle) to give the windows a more special look than the typical “picture frame” look. He didn’t recommend it and he instead suggested that we add a bullnose. I called Shawn right away to get pricing information. We’re so glad we invested the additional ~40$ + tx per window to get the bullnose. The trim work with the bullnose transformed the whole house. Kudos to Justin for having suggested it to us and, once again, for the very impressive trim work throughout the house – I took good note of how he worked around the backsplash in the kitchen. Neat trick! I was also very impressed when I saw Justin install red tape around the windows to seal everything up. Wow!

Training & Experience

The crew is clearly very well trained on how to do a proper window installation. Michel's metalwork on the outside was equally awesome. They left the place clean every day, were courteous, and took the time to answer all our questions. I have nothing but good things to say about the crew you sent to my place last week. Wayne and Shawn were there to help during the last day or two and they were excellent too.

Resources & Information

The second reason why we picked your company is that your website had a lot of information about North Star windows and your company. Keep it up because it brings you customers like me who like to read about the service or goods that they are about to purchase.

Dedicated Crews

A third reason why we picked your company is that your window installers are employees of Bayview Windows as opposed to being 3rd party contractors. This was important for us and is another reason why we selected Bayview Windows instead of a competitor. I could not emphasize enough how big of a factor this was for us.

Kudos to Shawn who also did an excellent job with the whole quotation process. He was very patient with all the questions and options that we asked him.

All in all, I will not hesitate to recommend Bayview Windows to my friends and neighbours. There's already a person or two that have asked me if I was happy with the job. We have three basement windows and the entrance door left to do. We plan on doing them in a few years and won't hesitate to hire Bayview Windows again for the job.