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Sash vs No Sash

Sash vs no sash - interior and exterior views
When you are considering the overall look of a window, choosing the right sash option could dramatically affect the lighting and aesthetics of your home. This article may show the sash in a new light.

The sash

A sashed window is a traditional frame styled window that is typically used in fixed and operational windows. The frame which can be several inches high depending on the manufacturer provides added window frame strength and hides the inner hardware needed to secure operational windows.

A sashless window

A sashless (or low profile) window is considered a modern window and although some companies may offer sashless operational windows, sashless windows are typically only available as a fixed picture window (also known as panoramic windows). Because there is little or no visible sash, these windows allow more light into the home and, create a less dramatic (subdued) look from the outside of the home.


If you are considering having a combination of fixed picture window paired with an operational window such as a hung, casement or awning window into a single-window opening, you still may want to consider your sash or no sash-option for the fixed window. See the examples below.


The photo above shows:

  • Left - fixed picture window (sashed) paired with a casement window (sashed)
  • Right - hung window (sashed) paired with a picture window (no sash)