The true meaning of BEST in replacement windows

The Best Window for Me
The true meaning of 'BEST' in replacement windows goes beyond a mere premium price tag. BEST doesn't always translate to the most expensive or highest quality; it involves a personal, subjective aspect.

From comfort to efficiency - The art of window shopping

If you are contemplating the purchase of new windows for your existing home, navigating through the myriad of window companies requires a thoughtful approach. Here are some expanded tips to ensure you make a well-informed and future-proof choice.

Things to consider when replacing your old entrance door

For thousands of years, doors have been providing security and protection from harsh climates and naughty trespassers, as well as welcoming family and guests into the home.

Choosing the Perfect Sliding Patio Door: Key Considerations

Sliding patio doors, also known as sliding glass doors or patio sliders, are a popular feature in many homes and provide a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some key basic considerations to think about when buying a sliding patio door.

Enhance your home - Exploring sliding patio door options

Thinking about replacing your patio door or looking to install one in a new home? There are plenty of patio door options to consider – whether it's aesthetics, functionality, security, energy efficiency, or costs. Here are some tips to help you get exactly what you are shopping for.

Upgrade, sell, profit: The power of new sliding patio doors

When selling your home, don't miss out on the power of upgrading! Swap out those tired old sliding patio doors for brand-new ones. This strategic home improvement move doesn't just boost your property's value – it redefines it.

Sliding Patio Doors - Exploring Configurations

Sliding patio door configurations hold the power to transform your living space, bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors. Explore various configurations along with their unique benefits. Discover the perfect patio door solution for a seamless and inviting connection to the world outside. Make an informed decision to suit your needs and complement your home's aesthetic.

Door replacement - Patio doors vs Garden doors

Pros and cons of Sliding patio doors vs Garden doors
When it comes to making a choice between swinging garden doors or sliding patio doors, its a personal choice. However, knowing the pros and cons of each may curb your decision.

Swinging Garden Doors - Exploring Configurations

Swinging garden door configurations offer a delightful way to blend indoor and outdoor living spaces while maintaining a strong connection with nature. These doors, which can be single swing, double swing, or French doors, provide convenient access and allow an abundance of natural light to flow into the interior.

Weatherstripping (doors), locking that nasty draft out!

Weatherstripping (windows), sealing the deal!

Weatherstripping: It seals out the elements, saves energy, reduces drafts, blocks noise, and enhances home comfort. A small but mighty detail that makes a world of difference.

Infographic - Making windows energy-efficient

Windows are an important consideration in the passive solar management of a home, potentially providing free heating, free cooling, and free lighting. Window manufacturers and installers strive to offer energy-efficient window solutions that will help you save on energy costs. This infographic explains 10 areas that manufacturers and installers focus on to make windows more energy efficient.

Infographic - What’s to know about
Window Glass

With the right glass option, you can significantly increase the comfort, security, and functionality of your home, as well as decrease your heating and cooling costs.

Infographic - Window installation - DIY vs Professional

If you are going to have windows installed by a window replacement company, you can expect to pay anywhere from 20% to 50% of the window cost just to install the windows. I know what you are thinking "Wow! I can save a lot of money if I do it myself".

Infographic - The Protective Properties of Window Glass

Infographic - There's a lot more to glass than meets the eye
Unfortunately, the average window buyer will often overlook the potential benefits of glass options - after all, glass is just glass right?