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Understanding Window Warranties: What Homeowners in Ottawa Need to Know

The best window warranty in the business
There are many window replacement and installation companies in and around the Ottawa area that claim they have the best window warranty in the business. So what does this really mean?

When shopping for new windows in the Ottawa area, you’ll find many companies boasting about having the best window warranty in the business. But what does this mean for you?

If you plan to stay in your home for a while, it’s crucial to delve into the details of the product and installation warranties offered by various companies. Warranty periods should be explicit, and sellers must provide comprehensive information about the warranties they offer.

Many companies make BIG claims about their warranties. However, the language used can often be vague, filled with fine print, and challenging to interpret. Even companies that sell and install the same brands or products may have different warranty policies from one another.

To ensure you’re making a well-informed decision, scrutinize the warranty details provided and ask plenty of questions when dealing with a window company. Here are key points to consider:

What Constitutes the Best Warranty?

Choosing new windows involves balancing quality, value, and warranty terms. Given the numerous components and installation options, the process can be overwhelming. To aid your decision-making, we’ve outlined the typical maximum standards for each window component:

Product Warranties

  • Lifetime window warranty: Covers all product defects affecting performance ratings at the time of manufacturing.
  • Lifetime thermal pane replacement: Includes coverage for gas leakage, cracks, or obvious visual defects.
  • Lifetime hardware replacement: Covers screws, handles, gears, and locks.
  • Registration: The company selling and installing the product will handle warranty registration for you.
  • Transferable warranty: Offers a free transfer of the remaining balance on the lifetime warranty.

Labour & Installation Warranties

  • Lifetime installation warranty: Protects against defective installation that could damage the window, frame, or finishing.
  • Lifetime no-charge labour: Covers labour costs for warranty repair work.
  • Lifetime no-charge repair materials: Includes materials required for warranty repair work.

What Does a Lifetime Warranty Mean?

There is considerable confusion regarding what a lifetime warranty entails. Typically, for window manufacturers, a lifetime warranty (often interpreted as 25 years) signifies their commitment to the quality and longevity of their products and support for their customers if issues arise. Be sure to ask your window consultant for specific details.

What’s Typically Not Covered?

Warranties usually exclude:

  • Damage from acts of nature (e.g., hail, extreme wind).
  • Accidental damage from flying projectiles.

Comparing Ottawa Area Warranties

To assist you further, we’ve compiled a comparative sampling of warranties from various local Ottawa area installers and manufacturers. This information is presented anonymously to avoid bias.

Ottawa Window Warranty Comparisons

Real-Life Examples

To provide a practical perspective, here are a few testimonials from homeowners who navigated the warranty process:

  • Frank M.: "I had a crack appear in one of my windows just a year after installation. The lifetime warranty covered the replacement with no hassle. It gave me peace of mind knowing I was protected."
  • Lisa G.: "I didn’t realize the importance of a good warranty until a severe storm damaged my windows. Unfortunately, natural disasters weren’t covered, but the company was transparent about it from the start."


Q: What should I look for in a window warranty?
A: Look for comprehensive coverage that includes both product and installation, with clearly defined terms and no hidden clauses.

Q: How do I know if a warranty is trustworthy?
A: Research the company’s reputation, read reviews, and ask for detailed warranty documents to review the fine print.

Q: Can warranties be transferred if I sell my home?
A: Many lifetime warranties are transferable. Be sure to check if the warranty can be transferred and if there are any costs involved.

Legal Considerations

It’s also important to be aware of your rights as a consumer. If a company fails to honour its warranty, you can contact the Better Business Bureau for assistance. Understanding these legal aspects can provide additional security.


If the warranty is a significant factor in your decision-making process, take the time to do comparative research and ask your window consultant many questions. Understanding exactly what is covered will ensure there are no surprises if issues arise in the future.

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