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Grant Update - Greener Homes initiative

Canada Greener Homes Initiative
In the interest of improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, the Government of Canada is articulating advice, eligible measures and associated grants to qualifying homeowners.

Natural Resources Canada will provide 2.6 billion dollars over the next 7 years to help homeowners improve their home energy efficiency by providing grants and services as outlined below. The information provided is a summary of this initiative as it applies specifically to windows and doors.

UPDATE: As of January 4, 2023, Ontario homeowners must apply through the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Rebate Plus program (HER+) to be considered for both the provincial grant program, HER+, and the federal grant initiative, the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Please note: this process must be driven and managed by the individual that is applying for the grant, not the window and door company that is performing the installation. Be sure you communicate your intent to your window and door specialist so that they can ensure the specifications for the windows/doors being purchased will meet the required criteria.


  • Homeowners will have to pay $600 upfront for their Energy Guide evaluations (*reimbursable only on completion of the full Greener Homes Grant process).
  • Only window and door replacements that were done after December 1, 2020 qualify.
  • Applies to existing homes only, built 6 months before this program was introduced.
  • Replacements of only glass, sash or door without frame are not eligible.
  • Maintain the Energy Star labels on your windows and doors until after your post-retrofit evaluation.
  • Special circumstances must be applied to Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBS). See the website for more details.


A maximum of $250 per each rough opening up to a cap of $5000 with the replacement of Energy STAR certified products.

$125 per opening - Each window or sliding glass door

  • U factor 1.22Wm2K or less
  • or energy rating greater and equal to 34

$250 per opening - Each window or sliding glass door

  • U factor 1.05Wm2K or less
  • or energy rating greater and equal to 40

$125 per opening - Each hinged door, with or without side lites or transoms

  • U factor 1.22Wm2K or less
  • or energy rating greater and equal to 34


  • Receipts for pre-and-post-retrofit EnergGuide evaluations.
  • Receipts for product and installations.
  • All products must be purchased in Canada.
  • All mechanical systems must be purchased in Canada, or from an online distributor located in Canada.

For more information on Canada’s Greener Homes Initiative and all qualifying products or systems please consult Canada Greener Homes Grant
For more information on qualifying windows and doors please Contact Us.

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