Choose a Financial Solution
That Works for You:

When you place an order on 3 or more installed windows.

1. We pay the HST or

2. 0% interest for 36 months or

3. No payments or interest for 1 year or

Some restrictions apply. Contact Bayview Windows for details.

Convenience & Flexiblity

Our Long-Term Financing is Always Available to Qualifying Applicants

Bayview Windows Ottawa is pleased to offer flexible financing solutions to match your lifestyle through our financial partner, Home Trust.

Our financing program offers amortizations for up to 15 years, with unsecured, convenient monthly payments and rates as low as 0%. Direct debit can be made from the financial institution of your choice. Plus you can pay-down or pay-out your windows at any time without penalty.

Contact us today, to find out how we can assist you with your financing requirements as part of our complete purchase and installation servicing.